Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Thrift

It's not often that I go for a mooch around the charity shops in Rayleigh, but today I just fancied it. So Robyn and I hopped on the bus and that's where our luck started. I only had a £10 note and as the bus driver couldn't change it he let us on the bus for free!! As we got off in town I asked if he could change it and he said not to worry! How nice was that?!
We went into 5 different charity shops and I bought something in each one, that never happe
Robyn did pretty well, one kid's craft book for a £1
A couple of Disney books, for 50p each and a magnet animal book (the magnets are now stuck on my lounge radiator) that doesn't look like it's ever been used for £1I got these crochet patterns for 10p each and a teeny tiny 1.5mm crochet hook for 10p too!
I also got this lovely Readers Digest sewing book for £2
and this embroidery pattern booklet for 70p which I'm giving to my
Finally I bought 2 vases which match my kitchen/dining
room really well!
This little one is just the same colour as the dark teal tiles we have on the kitchen wall, bought for £2
and this is my piece de resistance, it matches almost exactly the paint we have bought to paint the kitchen and dining room walls. Isn't it a beauty! It was the most expensive item I bought today at £8.50 but I couldn't leave without it! I doubt I'll get so lucky next time I go rummaging, fingers crossed though!


Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Great finds indeed! The vase really is beautiful - I agree that you should not have left without it xx

MitziMakes said...

ooh great finds! I do love that vase :)

Heather said...

lovely finds! well done :) I am so coveting those vases ;-) xx

Becks said...

Great bargains! I too have that Readers Digest book, from a charity shop too. The projects in it are just great.