Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Creative break for spring cleaning!

Spring has most definitely sprung and not soon enough for me!
Much to Robyn's delight we have an abundance of birds in our garden, including pairs of nesting doves, robins and blackbirds! Here's a few shots of spring-ness from my back garden today:

Soon-to-bud pink and green tulips:
- I love that the leaves are pink and green as well as the blooms!

Dilly-dally Daffodils:
- finally, it seems like I've been waiting forever for these daffs to bloom!

Slimy frog spawn: - it doesn't usually last as up until last autumn we had a 20 or so fish in the pond that have since been re-homed, however now the pond is fish free I could soon be swamped with tadpoles! In fact, I can't wait to empty and fill in this pond so that the Robster can run about in the garden without me fretting all the time!

I've had a few days away from crafting to catch up on some much needed spring cleaning and kitchen planning (oh how I hope we can afford to get our kitchen redone!!) and am now itching to get stuck into something crafty! I still have a few more chores on my list though, so I'm trying very hard to clear it today so that tonight I can craft with abandon!

A certain someone doesn't make spring cleaning any easier - imagine the state of my (thankfully wooden) dining room floor after this coco-pop incident at breakfast yesterday!!!
Happy Tuesday folks, I hope to be back on Creative Space Thursday with some fun things to show you!!

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crzylady said...

mmmm chocolate cereal! And holy crow a pond! Must be a nightmare!