Monday, August 28, 2006

Creativity Exercise a day - part 2

Well - almost caught up!! Days 4 - 6 are here. Day 4 the challenge was to use repetition as a means of finding new ways to do the same things. I often doodle in swirls and get frustrated that they always seem to follow the same patterns, they start in a corner and stay quite simple. This page started that way but ended up much different - Thanks Rhonna, it worked!!

Challenge 5 - Colour. Rhonna referred us to Colorstrology - a bit like a zodiac sign but a colour instead. My colour is apparently horizon blue, I created this page using the colour suggested to me and the colour I prefer!

The final challenge that I've attempted this weekend is a 10 minute challenge - just create something and after 10 mins, STOP. I did this and am really pleased with the result, I've had this Raphael picture (from a gallery brochure) in my inspiration file for months and had wanted to use it. This is the simplest page, yet my favourite!

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Kim (a.k.a. mom, wife, sis., & berly) said...

i like this layout it's very simple yet i love it!