Monday, August 28, 2006

Creativity Exercise a day

Rhonna Farrer on her {dreamy} blog has set another inspired/ inspiring challenge. A creativity exercise a day for 10 days... as ever I've not been able to do one a day, but I'm almost caught up and to be honest it's so much easier/ realistic for me to set aside a large block of time over the weekend to "do" art rather than trying to fit in everyday.. I leave home at 7.30 in the morning for work and get home at 6.30 in the evening, five days a week. Sometimes I just have to admit that life gets in the way!!! But no problem, I accept that that's how it is for me at this moment in time so I use the time I have in anyway I can.

This black and white page was a challenge to do something you've never done before - here I've used gesso coloured with black acrylic, stamped images with white acrylic mixed with stamping medium, then I painted the same white mixture onto a transparency then pressed it over the top of the page to transfer just some of the paint. I'm usually extremely hesitant about using messy stuff so here I let go and got dirty!!

The second challenge was to listen to music and create - I was half watching Return to Oz today, the soundtrack at the point I made the page with a picture of a leaf, was very serene violin music, I wonder if this had an effect?

The third challenge was to just pick pieces from your inspiration scrap collection and just create something with it. I first pulled out the large label with Japenese script on, then the rest just flowed from there. I'm really please with how this came out and thankful that I see fit to keep things such as stamps and receipts!

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