Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring has sprung

It's amazing what a bit of Spring weather can do isn't it? Spring and Autumn are my favourite seasons, I think for the real change they bring about. My garden has now had a spring clean and shaken off it's winter weariness - it looks a whole lot better for it too! It's far from "perfect" but it's getting there. I could do with a few plants here and there to fill in some gaps and to replace plants lost to the bitingly cold winter we had, but I'm happier with it now than I have ever been in the 6 years we've lived here.

I'm really looking forward to sowing the summer flower seeds Robyn and I picked out at the weekend: giant sunflowers, sweet peas, cosmos, love in the mist, blue cornflowers and bright mixed cornflowers. We also picked out runner beans, sugar snap peas, mixed salad leaves, chard and cress - we've already planted up two egg shells and two yoghurt pots! I just need to replace my wilted rosemary and buy a couple of rhubarb plants and some osteospernum and I think I'll be happy.

I'm also planning to paint the shed and bench - I can't decide between cream or blue.. oh maybe cream AND blue stripes?! I've also got plans to get some heavy weight twill cotton to make some fun bunting. Robyn has insisted we need more rainbow windmills too! Tomorrow is forecast as wet and horrible here so I've foraged in the recycling bins for newspapers and I'm going to introduce Robyn to the wonders of papier mache! I thought I'd try and make some mini hot air balloons and lady birds to hang in the trees. Plenty of coats of varnish should make them hardwaring enough I reckon?

Anyhoo, someone is demanding her lunch so I'd best get out in the kitchen!


Anonymous said...

Love your garden. Peaceful and relaxing!!!

Paula Sealey said...

Those deckchairs look fabulous Tracey! Good luck with the garden this year. I bet R, really enjoys helping you :)