Thursday, March 31, 2011

Creative Space Thursday

My creative space is still about the hooked hexagons and I still love them. It's a great process, enough of a pattern to be interesting, but not too complex that I can't watch tv too!

Yesterday Robyn and I had a Creative Space Wednesday, we papier mached 4 balloons to make garden decorations with and then we baked up a batch of good old Fairy Cakes. Robyn decided that licking the icing off the nearest cake to her as fast as I was putting it on was almost as much fun as making icing sugar clouds!!

We're now just waiting for the papier maché to dry so that we can get the paint out!

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loves2crochet said...

Yum those cakes look good! :) x

Anonymous said...

Very creative! And yes the cakes sure are making me hungry at this time in the arvo :)

ingrid said...

I love your crochet! It is beautiful!

Sandra said...

Look at that lovely little face :) pure concentration. Lovely crochet as always and rather yummy looking cakes too.

Pearlin J said...

The Crochet is so beautiful.Lovely colours.the cakes look yummy too.

nicole said...

I really love your hexagons, I'm a real sucker for ones with a while/cream border :-)

Please send some cupcakes my way ;-) x

RedTedArt said...

Ooooh what a great day! I haven't made paper mache yet with my son, but will do "soon"!!!!!! :-)

And the fairy cakes look scrummy yummy!

Thank you for linking up to Kids Get Crafty - lovely to see you there!


jfb57 said...

Those balloons look interesting! I found your blog via Red Ted Art who thought you might like to link over at the Resource Centre which is a space for ideas for teachers. There are lot of ideas here that would be great to share there! I doh ope you pop over.