Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Snoop my stuff

Kirsty over at Kootoyoo has declared she is a snoop - well guess what, so am I! I love to have a nosey through other people's stuff, especially shelves as that collection of bits and bobs can really give you an insight into them.

Here's the main shelf in my lounge, it looks pretty tidy as it's only been up about a month!

That's only about a 1/4 of my book collection, I love books what can I say! The little blue figurine was given to me by Nan, I love how cute it is. There's a cheesey New York souvenir of a snow globe from Macey's which I bought on our honeymoon. You can also spy my mini collection of wood turned mushrooms, I love them and can never resist them when I spy them at a craft fair!
After breakfast I'm off to Kirsty's blog to check out all the other links!


spectacularfairywren said...

i love those mushrooms too!

Hana said...

Beautiful snow-dome. I love your selection of books.