Thursday, March 03, 2011

Creative Space Thursday

My creative space this week has been all about finishing the rainbow Granny Square:

Robyn loves it - her first words upon seeing it were "Wow, I love it!"

I'm now starting on a list of smaller crochet projects, a few gifts to be made before embarking on something different, and for once, for me!

I bought this lovely soft DK Smoothie yarn at the weekend and intend to make either a granny square blanket/afghan (I'm not entirely sure what the difference between afghan and blanket is?) or a throw made from crocheted hexagons or african flowers. I need to get the small gifts made and spend some time persuing ravelry and flickr for inspiration!

I won't have much time for crocheting this weekend as Colin and I are off to see the NBA Basketball at the O2 on Friday night, we also are planning a once in a blue moon shopping trip for Saturday (we all 3 of us need new clothes) and we have the in-laws for Sunday lunch before they babysit for us that evening whilst we're out at a comedy gig. As much as this is all fun stuff (shopping on a Satuday is not so much fun but needs doing) I'm kind of looking forward to a quiet week next week! That is until Friday when I'm off to a quilt show with my mum and sister.... crazy times!

Don't forget to stop by Kirsty's place to see more creative spaces, always inspiring!


Kirsty said...

The rainbow number is fabulous.

Saritha said...

Its beautiful!!Even Iam working on something 'rainbow'ish these days!

Heather said...

Robyn has excellent taste :)

Kim Sonksen said...

Oh WOW - that blanket is fabulous!!!
I cannot wait to see what you create with that gorgeous yarn. TOtally digging the colours
Enjoy the B-Ball

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Gorgeous, and the little munchkin is even more gorgeous too!

Jodie said...

I love it! I'm making a red and white one at the moment and can't wait to finish it. I love the rainbow though :)