Monday, December 13, 2010

Autumn Leaf Swap

A couple of months back I joined in with an Autumn Leaf swap organised by Victoria (aka Giddy Stuff).
This is the glorious package of autumnal themed goodies that I received from Victoria:

A very cute hand-knitted mug-warmer, a memory wire autumnal bead bracelet (which Robyn declared was "very beautiful"!), some chocolate (already consumed!), sherbet pips and some leafy fabric, so amazing!! Much better than receiving bills and junk mail from the postman!
And this is the package I sent to her:

Victoria and I had been chatting on twitter about my new found love of crochet and it started her off with it again, so I thought a crochet hook roll would be a nice gift. Made with orange felt inside and green and orange fabric on the outside - I think it was well received! I also included some reeses cupcakes, marshmallows and hot chocolate as well as some fabric and ribbon from stash. It felt lovely to make a gift for someone and I really enjoyed putting this parcel together!

1 comment:

GiddyStuff said...

Think it's quite apt that i'll be sitting crocheting and drinking hot choc smotheresd in marshmallows during the Christmas break. Thank you for taking part in the swap xx