Monday, March 29, 2010

Travelling StampBOX

Wow, it's been 16 months since I made anything with paper.... 16 months!! I was making cards right up to the day before Robyn was born and up until yesterday I didn't so much as pick up a roll of double sided tape!!
picture from

Then a couple of weeks back Kimmy sent me a tin containing some acrylic clear stamps, it was the Creative Sisterhood of the Travelling StampBOX. I instantly loved the idea of a travelling stampbox and also instantly knew what I was going to make with them, the circles yelled "eyes!" and the heart shaped yelled "wings!". So yesterday afternoon I set about making an owl card:

The tin will be winging (ha ha!) it's way to Claire on Sunday, I can't wait to see what she comes up with!

I now think that I'll be back paper-crafting with a vengeance, especially as my supplies are now out of boxes and sorted into a cupboard where I can get to them, hurrah!!! I will also be trying to figure out a way to get more hours in theday.... watch this space!


Claire Mackaness said...

What a cute card Tracey, cant wait to get my hands on them and play. See you Sunday xx

Kim Sonksen said...

OMG how INGENIOUS is this?? I would have never thought of using those shapes to create an owl. That card is totally WICKED