Thursday, February 11, 2010

My creative space....

.... is much sunnier today. It might be *really* cold here today but the sun is shining and the sky is blue so I'm happy!
My creative space (the dining room table!) has an almost finished sock owl door stop. The only reason it's not yet finished is I'm having a button issue. I've got the perfect (and I mean PERFECT) button for the eyes, however I only have ONE!!! I have an awful lot of buttons and in my mind now this one, singular button is the only one that will do for the owl's eyes.... hhhpmf, oh well I guess I'll have to go button shopping to either find a second one, or a new pair!
There's also an almost finished sock frog and a few other piles of stuff!

As I share my space with Robyn I thought I'd share another pic of her from this past week - enjoying a chocolate petit filous! She was rather poorly last week, the MMR vaccination seemed to be upsetting her a lot - she had an awful cold, conjunctivitus and looking at this pic her glands seemed a little swollen to me. Poor thing, thankfully now she's much much better. Back to sleeping all night without needing a cuddle 20 mins after I've fallen asleep and being contented enough to play by herself for short periods during the day. I actually managed to make 2 quilted owl wings yesterday whilst she played with her 'orse and ted-dies!!!

Right, time for Tumble Tots, Happy Thursday folks! Don't forget to pop over to {Kirsty's} to be a nosey-parker at others' spaces!


Violet and Rose said...

I can't wait to see him with eyes. I love owls and your sock stop looks fantastic! Thanks for you lovely comment too :)

the sock crazy 1 said...

I think you need to update you inventory!!!!! Your a scok making machine on fire..... Loving the owl.