Sunday, November 01, 2009

and so the crazy month begins....

Well, here it is, November. This month will be one hell of a crazy month in the Chorley household. I have 6 sock toy sales to prepare for, we have LOTS of Chorley birthdays - Robyn's 1st, Colin's brother and dad, and Colin's as well. I'm also going to the O2 London twice!! We're going to see Michael McIntyre on Tuesday and A-ha on Wednesday (I was and still am a huge a-ha fan, so really excited for that!!)
So it's been truly lovely that we've been able to spend this weekend just quietly at home. Although it's been quiet, there has been one major event - Robyn took her first steps yesterday!! I don't who was more excited us or her!! I can't wait for her to wake up from her nap now to see if she can do some more!!! This was Robyn earlier today - she'd decided it would be great fun to empty out as much of her toy box as possible! I'll try to get some pics of her wobbly walking and post here!

I've been very well prepared and have made sure that all my sock toys are labelled up and ready to go. I realised there was one I hadn't photographed and shared - so please meet Mr Robot! I also have some reindeer almost finished off, but until the tinsel is out I shan't be taking a pic, so you'll have to wait for those!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend folks.


KimmyS said...

I am loving your new banner - it's fab!!!!

WOOHOO on the Robster making her first steps. You wait until she runs rings around you...har har har

I used to like A-ha too, enjoy your gig.

And HOW MUCH am I loving the robot sock!!!

Tania said...

Ah, that calm before the storm stuff - I know it well. Hope there was much zen breathing and November starts in manageable style!