Monday, October 12, 2009

How is it mid-October already?!

Wow, what a month. It's funny how a week away can actually mean an extra two weeks work... 1 week before the holiday to pack and clean up the house and 1 week after the holiday to do all the laundry, ironing etc etc.... jeez louise.

All I can say is we had a fantastic week in Cornwall, we were exceptionally lucky with the weather considering it was the back end of September. Also we were exceptionally lucky that Little Miss Robyn travels so well and slept through the night 6 times out of 7... how cool is that?
I don't have any pics on the lappy to share, Mr Chorley has already taken them off the camera onto the pc but if you're on FB check out my profile as I've copied them all onto there. My favourite has to be Robyn eyeing up daddy's beer!!!

Anyhoo - now that Colin is back at work it's all back to normal here. Robyn is in the middle of her first nap of the day and I'm catching up a bit with all things housework. Just thought I'd share some pics of my latest sock toys - it's all go here at the mo, my friends and I have 5 (yes 5!!!) craft sales/ events booked up for November - YIKES!!! Better get busy!
These are more of the same on the Cyril front - I guess he's a type of Gremlin that multiplies if you feed them after midnight!! I love making these guys, they're so fun!
A pair of birds - of the puffin/ toucan type I guess... All I know is they're great fun, the pics don't really show off their fancy plummage, I shall take a tail feather shot for another time!
A close-up of Cyril the third!
Well, this last fella doesn't really have a name or species..! He started off life as a monkey and it went a little strange... as he's red I'm thinking of calling him Gooner!!
Right better dash, got some bits to do before heading off to the dentist (boo).....


KimmyS said...

So pleased you guys had a fab time. off to check out the FB piccies now :)

I am amazes at how you come up with all these fab new toys. LOVE the gooner (looks more like a Scouser to me tho...he he) and those birds and cyril are fantastic

That Crafty Fish! said...

hello! do you sell your lovely sock creatures? and i LOVE the idea of your sock workshops with the 'mums' x