Saturday, October 24, 2009

jeez louise!

Blimey o'reilly and oh my buddha! In 3 weeks time my little Robyn-Bobbin will be a year old, as in 12 months, as in HER FIRST BIRTHDAY!!! Seriously? I'd better get baking!

She is currently learning that she can stand all by herself and gets so excited that she claps, it's so cute! I'll have to try and get some pictures today, except that it's so grey and dark here I doubt that I'll get any pics worth sharing...

The other thing that's scaring me at the moment is the realisation that in 10 days time crazy season is going to start around here. Now I'm not complaining BUT our sock toy venture has proven so popular that we have 6 bookings in the space of 4 weeks! YIKES, my stock level needs serious replenishing is all I can say. I have lots of new designs to share but not many photos as yet. Keep your eyes peeled here for a sneak peak of my current favourite - a Rudolph sock toy, complete with red nose!! Just to keep you interested, here's a few of my most recent:

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