Saturday, August 08, 2009

more sock toys...

I thought I'd share some more shots of sock toys with you today. I've not taken many pictures of Robyn lately, that is my aim for this weekend: to get more. I do have a pic to share of me, Colin and Robyn at a wedding last Saturday. Robyn wasn't very well at all, she was trying to cut 3 teeth at once, silly girl. But hey, I still think she looks gorgeous!!

(I don't think this is the best quality version of this shot, but it's all I have for the moment, will edit later when I can get to Colin's pc!)

Ok - so onto the sock toys. These are some I created a little while ago. I'm working on several ideas at the moment. Once I get my desk set up in the conservatory today I'll be able to really crack on... I'm currently taking over the dining room table and it's such a pain!!
Geoff the Giraffe:

Leonard the Lion:

Polly Pig:

Orla the Owl:

Right, that's all folks... now that Robyn has finally settled for her morning nap I'd better get some chores done!
PS: Forgot to mention that I do sell my sock toys and will try my best to make special commissions if you should have any! Let me know in comments or email me! x

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KimmyS said...

You know that I love those sock toys but I have to say that you and yours looks absolutely gorgeous!!! I adore this picture of you three