Friday, July 24, 2009

8 months and sock toys

Well 8 months and counting! I know they say enjoy every moment as time flies when babies are little, but really?! wow... Robyn's now crawling FAST and is the proud owner of 3 and a bit teeth (4th one is cutting at the mo). She loves her food, has 3 meals a day quite happily. I guess she's probably still pretty small for her age, at least compared to her peers... she's always been diddy though, rather than on the 50th percentile she's always been on the 9th or thereabouts.

We have her 7-9 month check in a couple of weeks so will be interesting to she where she's at then.

Staying home with Robyn pretty much takes up most of my time, any spare time I do have is given over to sock toys... I am obsessed. My friends and I have recently done quite well at some school fetes and fundraisers, we're hoping for more success in the run-up to Christmas. Here are a few of my latest creations, if anyone's interested in buying any or requesting specific animals please contact me!!!! I don't really work from patterns so can make most anything. The frog here was made off the cuff, so to speak and I think he's my favourite yet! Shame he's a commissioned one, must go and scour the shops for more green socks!!! Happy Friday everyone! T xx


KimmyS said...

*shrieks* OMG how amazing are those sock toys?? You are totally rocking them and I too am so in love with that frog!

and how super cute is that piccie of Robyn?? She is so adorable

Anonymous said...

Oh your sock toys are absolutely gorgeous! I especially love the frog. I'm up for a sock swap any time! Thanks for stopping by my blog, how nice to find a fellow sock addict.

Anonymous said...

Your frog is very cute but my favorite is definatley the snail!!