Thursday, March 19, 2009

Oh dear... it's been a while! Robyn and I have settled into a lovely day time routine, which works for the most part. She has the odd day (like yesterday) where she'll only sleep if I cuddle her, which is no bad thing as I get to sit about having cuddles with my baby! It just so happened that yesterday I was at a friend's trying to make sock toys.... typical!

Sock toys are my latest craft obsession - they're so much easier than I thought they'd be. I was convinced that I couldn't sew and so (!) have been very surprised by the results.

Well, Robyn's about to wake up so I'll leave you with some pics for now.... I have taken lots of pics of Robyn lately but they're all on Colin's pc so I'll have to blog from there later!

oh yeah, I baked again!


KimmyS said...

Are you psychic? I was gonna shoot you an email tonight having a pop at you for not updating your blog with pictures of Robyn...he he

I SO love that photo of her.
Sounds to me like the two of your have a wonderful time together, even on Robyn's "off" days.

Oh and I am seriously drooling over that pink striped sock toy - how stinkin' cute is that? Actually all the toys are fab and the cupcake...well, let's not go there, I get the urge licking the screen right now

Jane said...

Hey Tracey, good to see you blogging again and loving the pics.