Friday, February 06, 2009

12 weeks!!!

I can't believe Robyn is 12 weeks old! I know people say that time flies, but really, this fast?!? I also can't believe I've not blogged since 25th November, shameful!

So here's what we've been up to the past few weeks.
I wanted to write a bit of a recap of here of nicknames as I seem to have so many for her:

The first was Pink Smartie as that's what we'd called her throughout the pregnancy, this then turned into Baby.
After that was Green Eggs and Ham, cos that's what it smelled of when she farted!! I now have the Dr Seuss book and enjoy reading it to her.
Then she was Treasure, as in My Little Treasure... that still gets used as she is a real Treasure, so calm and easy going.
Treasure then mutated into Treacle which at 12 weeks still sticks (no pun intended!!).

Of course I do call her Robyn a lot too, and Robsie... seems strange to have picked a name for her then use all these alternatives!

For the first 7 weeks Robyn decided she was a nocturnal baby. She'd sleep for 4 hours during the day then be awake between 8pm and 2am, it was soooo hard going. Middle of the night feeding I could have handled, it was the fact that she would refuse to sleep during this time so we (I) had to be awake too. Saying that though she would then sleep until 7 or 8am. It wasn't just the lateness of the hour either, she would find falling asleep so difficult it would give us really bad back ache walking around, rocking her off to sleep. Come Jan 1st I decided I'd had enough and imposed an evening routine. I would much rather get woken up at 5 or 6am and go to sleep by midnight. So, we decided that before her 8pm feed we'd give her a bath. It worked, first time!! We now give Robyn a bath every night, she has a feed then cuddles with Colin, sometimes she naps for anything up to an hour after this, sometimes not at all. She then wants feeding around 10 - 10.30pm. I get ready for bed and feed her in bed with the lights low and Classic FM on the radio. She then falls asleep so quietly on my lap after feeding, I can put her into her moses basket and she sleeps through to 6 or 7am!!! It's been like this since 1st Jan, so fingers crossed it's a nicely established routine.

Classic FM has been a God-send. We started trying her with white noise one night - it worked. We turned it off at 4am as it was getting on our nerves and she woke up instantly. So the radio went on. First off we listenend to Radio 4 as it was only people talking. It seemed to work, we became fans of the Shipping News. Over Christmas we spent the night at Mum and Dad's and couldn't get Radio 4 to tune in on their radio, so ended up with Classic FM instead. We now listen to that all night!! I've read somewhere that classical music is good for babies brain development and we don't mind listening to it either.

We've been going to baby massage classes these past 2 weeks which have been great fun, as much for me as Robyn I think!! She wasn't much in the mood for it yesterday but we'll get there I'm sure. I am very lucky to have made lots of new friends from my ante-natal group. To be honest I didn't think I would, I didn't want to become friends with people just because we were having babies at the same time, but they are all so lovely and we all get on really well. We have 2 more classes to go and I can't wait to learn all the moves and have some quality time Robyn, even if it's only a couple of times a week to chill her out.... not that she needs it as she is super-chilled!

She's starting to 'coo' a lot now and responds a lot more to use pulling silly faces at her. Just this morning she found it hilarious if I said "you're full of farts and bogies today"... it would seem she has my toilet-level sense of humour!!!

Here's a few pics from the past few weeks:

Sleeping like an angel, literally!

Bath time!
Baby Massage class


Anonymous said...

That top photo cracks me up. Robyn looks like she is in total bliss :)

Fingers crossed that bath and Classic FM continue to work, because it sounds like a fab routine for you all

Anonymous said...

She is so very, very gorgeous!

How do babies manage to fart so loudly? LOL!


Jane said...

Robyn is beautiful Tracey.

Thanks for the comment on my blog, will try to remember to post on a regular basis.

Paula S said...

So glad everything is going well Trace! She looks like a little darling, and sounds like one too if she's sleeping so well:)

Anonymous said...

she IS an angel!! i love her lil nose!!! and those beautiful eyes!!!!!!!!!! and yeah, before you know it she will be screaming your name and running to you for hugs and kisses and running away from you.... you have a doll there, and she is blessed to have you for a mom!