Monday, February 04, 2008

Windows and cameras

Well what a weekend! I didn't get ANY scrapping done, but I don't mind as my mojo is on a go slow anyway, so a break is probably a good idea.
I'm pretty tired today as I stayed up till 3am this morning watching the Superbowl. It was a shame that the Patriots didn't win as it would have been cool to witness a perfect season (not seen since 1972), but I have a soft spot for the NY Giants as we saw them at Wembley last year.
Today luckily I had to take the day off as our new windows have been fitted, well the upstairs ones have the rest will be finished tomorrow. I think they look great!

After doing tons of clearing out this weekend (the garage got blitzed as did the wardrobes and "toot" drawer in the bedroom) I've started to get to know my new camera - I LOVE it! The one aspect of my old fuji was that it couldn't produce the depth of field that I really wanted. The Canon is great at it - even with the lens supplied with the kit (18-55mm).
I've been really good and have been reading the manual through and trying everything out - still got a way to go, but have figured out how to set the Aperture settings and select specific focus points. Here's a couple of examples:
This first picture here I focussed on the middle doll:

And for this second shot I focussed on the back doll. Not bad for a first attempt?

Well, that's me done for today. Need to get some dinner and get to bed early, got some serious zzzzz's to catch up on!


KimmyS said...

I am so loving that ou are into Russian Dolls as well!!! They are my favourite - how spooky.

Well done on learning to work wit yor camera, I still can't be bothered to venture out of my AUTO comfort zone

sally said...

That's a fabulous start with your camera....can see a layout coming on :)