Sunday, February 17, 2008

Weekend fun!!

What a fun weekend I've had!! I spent yesterday in Portsmouth meeting up with some of my buddies from {Scrapitude}, Kimmy, Tina and Madds... we had such a blast!!!

For the first time ever I bought a gift for Colin for Valentine's Day, a nice bottle of wine which gave me the motivation to finally decorate a wine box that I've had for about a year! I also made him a card using a photo of a statue of eros that I took in Rome last year:

And I've finally (!) given into the Bird thing and made this card for the Diva's challenge on Scrapitude - come on over and join the fun!!


Sally said...

Not sure about the birds either but I LOVE your card. The Valentines goodies are lovely too. So glad you had a good time on Saturday even though I'm dead jealous :(

Julia said...

Love that bird card Trace and the valentine goodies are beautiful.Just wish I could have been there on saturday but pleased you all had a fantastic time.

Dawn said...

I love the whole bird thing, so I really love your card|!

Eleni said...

Great that you had a chance to meet up with friends! I look forward to our meeting too!!! :D Have you done any scrapping this month? Need points as soon as possible! :D

danemi1 said...

undecided about the bird thing but must say I do really like your card - its a little cutie!


What a fun blog - love it