Saturday, December 30, 2006

Abandoned? No, just MIA!!

Oh my goodness, where has the time gone... I just checked the last date I made a blog entry... 28th November?! How did that happen?!? December is always an insanely busy month for me, what with Christmas and all (work lunches, parties, Colin's work party, a gig at Earl's Court (Kasabian, who were brilliant and endless other events and things taking up my time)
Now Christmas is done with and New Year's Eve is just around the corner - this year we're keeping it simple - going to a favourite local Italian Pizza place with some friends, no hassle, no taxis, no exorbitant set meal prices.. can't wait.
Then comes January, my favourite month for scrapping, as I'm generally broke so can't go out much, it's dark and cold out so I don't feel guilty for not doing anything outside much... I have another hobby now that is threatening my scrapping time a bit.. cooking. I've always loved it but this year for Christmas I got 8 cook books and I'm itching to try out lots of new recipes... watch this space!!

Here's a pic of my latest layout (the only one I've managed to do in December - sorry fellow UKS team mates!) It's a pic of my Dad and I when I was about 5 (I think). I'm loving A4, it's such a change from square 12x12, makes you re-evaluate your design process.

My New Year's Resolution? To blog more regularly!! HA ha ha ha!!

Happy New Year
Trace xx

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Paula said...

Happy New Year Trace!xx