Sunday, December 11, 2005

Day 7 - Shopping lists

I wish I could be as organised as I should be - I'm a VIRGO after all. I always plan to have a gorgeous note book full of "To Do" lists, sketches for layouts, scraps of this and that - I always seem to end up scribbling on POST IT NOTES!!

This year I'm much more behind than I normally am at this point in December - I've still got ideas for pressies floating around my head - a lunch time jaunt round the shops should soon solve it!!

I've made lists on the back of the red berry gift tag (thanks to M&S for that!) of things I've bought and things I've yet to buy or make. I included a tag from a pressie for my sis - won't say anything else as I know she reads this!! I've written on the back of the tag what it is!!!

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