Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Day 6 - Christmas Past

This is by far the simplest of my layouts yet. I've printed my journal entry directly onto 6x6 cardstock which I've decorated with a bit of ribbon and some rubber stamp images. Probably my wordiest entry of the 6... I may come back and a little more decoration to this, we shall have to see what Santa Baby brings me in the way of stash!

Journal entry reads:
Christmas memories.. Christmasses past

There are so many memories I have of Christmasses past.. not being able to fall asleep on Christmas Eve, having to watch the Snowman on tv (I still try to do that now) leaving -out the mince pie and carrot and milk, and just that all –consuming excited feeling that I get in my stomach when I know the next day is Christmas Day. I’m 29 years old and I still get that!! I turn into the biggest kid at Christmas and I don’t care!!

Christmas Memories Past
Christmas Day was the PERFECT day of the year, the one day where nothing went wrong, at least not that I remember as I child, for me nothing could spoil Christmas Day. I remember getting really cross with my mum and dad for not letting us open presents from under the tree until after Christmas lunch (typically about 2pm) but knowing deep down that I wouldn’t have it any other way. I distinctly recall having to wear the hats from crackers and dad not taking his off until he’d washed up the dinner things.

Christmas for me as a kid felt PERFECT if Nan and Granddad spent the day with us. They had to share themselves out over 4 children and oodles of grandchildren so to get them all to ourselves on Christmas Day was a real coup!

Not quite perfect Christmas Past??
I remember dad dropping beer into Kate’s box of presents on Boxing Day – leaving some of our ZX Spectrum games the worse for wear!! I remember running into my uncle Chris on Boxing Day and him spilling tea on me!! But I can honestly say I cannot recall a Christmas that I didn’t enjoy. I think Christmas Days Past all blend into one fuzzy warm feeling for me as we really have followed the same tradition – I suspect that now that 3 of 4 of my siblings and I have moved out of home these traditions will alter but I look forward to Christmas Future.
Christmas memories.. Christmasses past


aNgi b said...

simple is my favorite technique : )

elo15e said...

I'm enjoying looking at these pages - they're lovely and very christmassy :)