Monday, December 12, 2005

Day 12 - Tradition?

Today's prompt got me thinking how this year Christmas Day will be very different to how it's been in the past (see Day 9 Traditions). This will be my first Christmas with hubby so the day itself will change to how I normally spend it. Journalling on 2 tags reads: "Christmas Day this year (2005) will be very different for me. I'm normally to be found at mum and dad's house - which I still call 'home' even though I've not lived there for 10 years! This year is my first as a Mrs so Colin and I are spending the morning at home - croissant for breakfast and roast duck for lunch, then off to visit! First Colin's family then onto mine. So that we all get to see Ewan and Evie (my niece and nephew) open their presents we're having a Latarche get together on Boxing Day at our house - I must be mad!! I am, I love Christmas for the family time. I've just got to accommodate more family now!"

I met today's artistic challenge of using something from my stash that I never thought I'd get round to using.. the gorgeous purple paper with gold embossed flowers has been in my stash for ages, I never thought I'd have the guts to cut it!!


R. Marie said...

Trace, I tried to respond to you via the group email but for some reason it wouldn't let me. Thanks for responding to my question. I am always very curious. I am sooooo behind in the class, and I have so much to do around here. I will get caught up soon, I HOPE!

As far as the part of my blog, were you referring to my title? If so that was written just as your title and comment was written on the side of your blog. Mine is just at the top because I used a different template than you did. If you are talking about my pictures on the side I did those with It is a bit tricky to explain, as I am not an expert, I had to play around to figure it out. Flickr gives you the html code and you just have to figure out where to place it in your html in your blog. I am probably the wrong person to ask, I would have to show you rather than explain, and since you are MANY miles away I can't do that.

Great job on your journal, and I know what you mean about keeping paper. Thanks for taking time out to answer my question. Happy Holidays!!!

R. Marie said...

I'm back again. I really miss those days of having someone special around for the holidays or even my birthday which is next month. This year will be the first year having someone since about 7 years ago. Oh and I guess I should kind of take that back, we won't even be together, he will be here alone in Michigan and I will be with my family in Florida. Well nice to at least know that someone is thinking of me for the holidays. Enjoy yours!