Thursday, November 17, 2011

3 years old!

What a busy busy four weeks we've had here! Robyn turned 3 this week, can you believe it!?! The pictures of her parties (she had 3!) are all on OH's phone and he's currently in Singapore so I'll have to share them later. The above pic was taken a couple of weeks ago when she actually asked me to take one of her (a real rarity!!)

I do have a rather cute picture to share with you that was taken the day after Robyn's Birthday and I think it's probably her favourite "present" - a picture of her little sister!
We had our 20 week scan and all is well, it's hard to believe we're already half-way through! At least I now know that I can start making some girlie themed blankets etc but they will have to wait until after Christmas as I have 2 blankets to make for Robyn and a fair few other things to sew and crochet in the next 5 weeks or so!

It's about to chuck it down with rain here so we're snuggling down with the Wishing Chair DVD and I'm going to get on with blanket stitching some applique for Robyn's Christmas quilt, I'll share some pics soon!


hooksandyarns said...

Robyn is a real cutie - and congratulations on your new baby girl. :)

Dawn said...

Gosh! Robyn is so pretty! And 3 years old already! Fab news about a baby sister for Robyn too. xxx

Kihaku said...

sorry for the direct pm but I cant find an email for you - I would like to talk to you about a memory book for Kimmy. please drop me a line:

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