Thursday, February 10, 2011

Creative Space Thursday

Some very relaxing in-the-round treble stitch crochet for me this week. This is going to be either a bag or a basket, I've not quite decided how I'm going to finish this... handles or a turn-over top. Either way it's very cathartic and I'm enjoying this... by the way the colours match the new tiles in my kitchen!

Last week's
Creative Space squares have now been turned into this little bag for Robyn, who has declared it as "beautiful".

Pop on over to
Kirsty's space to mooch through more Creative Spaces this Thursday.


planettreasures said...

I do so admire anyone who can crochet : )
To me "relaxing" and "crochet" cannot fit in the same sentence!
Look forward to seeing how it turnsout.

FairlyGirly said...

Lovely work and colours. If it matches your kitchen, a basket for storage would be nice in there.

Kim Sonksen said...

oh oh oh - I love the colours and I can't wait to see the finished project