Sunday, January 23, 2011

Crochet crazy

As you may have gathered from my last couple of posts lately it's all about crochet here!

I've wanted to learn for years, since my sister Kate started making amazing stuff around the time her son arrived on the scene. Well, until I stopped working in London and became a full-time mum I guess I didn't really have the time and/or focus to do it. Now things are different and I can triple treble stitch a yo-yo flower almost (almost!) without thinking about it!
Thanks to inspiration and encouragement from my crochet Twitter friends I've also managed to finally work out how to read patterns and have produced 3 different granny squares woo-hoo!

I've made a fair few beanie hats and ruffle scarves and have just this weekend finished my first proper "grown-up" project: a ripple blanket for Robyn. She already has a gorgeous one that Kate made for her when she was born, and I had envied the ripply-ness of it since that day. I can't believe I've been able to make one!! AND Robyn seems to like it!

I have to say a huge Thank You to Lucy at Attic24 for the clearest ever Neat Ripple Pattern and the bucket-load of inspiration to be found on her blog - go visit it now!

I'm now making a bag (another of Lucy's patterns!), although now I'm 14 rounds into it I'm not all that sure about the colours so it may end up becoming Robyns!


Jean-Mary said...

That's such an inspiration and a great achievement! It's beautiful!
I hope you grow to like your bag!?

@meany_jar - Jean-Mary x

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Beautiful! And it doubles as a superhero cape for beautiful mini heroes!

I wish I could crochet - the blanket is gorgeous and the colours are really well matched!

Kim Sonksen said...

I join you in the crochet-crazyness. I LOVE that blanket and thanks for the link to the pattern. How wickedly cool are those instructions??

Still not mastered the granny square, even with the instructions you've sent....but I may just do the ripple blanket instead

Hanlie said...

Its lovely!!!