Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Creative Space Thursday

My Creative Space this week has a two-fold theme:

Almost finished appliquéd t-shirts for Robyn. They just need a little hand-embroidery to finish them off. I think my favourite is the owl!
Part 2 is all thanks to Kirsty and her hyperbolic crochet that she shared last week. I was so intrigued by this and was surprised to find that my newly acquired (and therefore beginner-ish) crochet skills could actually cope!! I'm thinking of making smaller ones, because in the early stages mine looked very flower-like, watch this space!!

Hop on over to Kirsty's place to see more creative spaces!


Kirsty said...

There's a link to a PDF in the comments of my hyperbolic post which shows (in simple terms) how to make a number of the different corals.

Have fun.

Bianca said...

LOVE the owl!
not looking at the hyperbolic crochet! NOT LOOKING LAAALAALAA


clare's craftroom said...

Looking good , I really must have a go at that .

GiddyStuff said...

My purple crochet scarf is finished, so I guess the hyperbolic crochet should be my next task :)