Monday, August 23, 2010

Festival of Quilts

Wow, I think I've finally recovered from my day out in Birmingham at the NEC for the Festival of Quilts on Saturday. It was AMAZING.
I was completely blown away by the variety and standard of quilts on show and had much fun spending a few pennies at some of the hundreds of shops.
I wish I had bought my camera to capture some of the exhibited quilts, but there were some (rather small!) signs asking you not to take pictures, oh well! I guess my one and only gripe was that the £6 programme was a bit of a swizz in my opinion. It just gave you a very small amount of detail on each of the exhibited quilts and told you the stand numbers for the shops. I would have glady paid a little more if it had included pictures of the show quilts - then the ones that didn't want pictures taken could have opted out! Oh well, I've not let that spoil my day!

I am really pleased to have been able to see so many finished quilts in the flesh as it were. It's made realise that there are so many different techniques and approaches to take. It's also made me realise that I need not worry about small imperfections, as many of the quilts I saw had a few, BUT the overall effect of the quilt was in no way effected.

I am now brimming with inspiration and have a skecthcbook loaded with plans, and a shopping bag overflowing with new fabric. Below are some pics of my stash.

Fabulous bargains were to be had from a Japanese Fabric stall:

Some gorgeous retro fabrics from the Eternal Maker and a very handy mini iron from the Stitch Witch.

And a final 2 pictures of all the Christmas themed fabrics I snapped up!

I now just need to decide what project to start with first!!!


Anonymous said...

Your fabric stash looks gorgeous! I wish I would sew more.

Can't wait to see what you make with them.

handmadehappiness said...

fantasic stash!!! so wish i could have gone but no not able too!! my fabric shop mission hall quilts has the snowman flannel fabric you have there wonder if you got it at their stall?!?!?!?xx