Wednesday, July 07, 2010

July Jesters - day 7

Day 7 of July Jesters and still going strong!
My item today is a ladybird card, it would go nicely with yesterday's item, the ladybird canvas:

TopCats Corner

Below are another 6 of my faves from other July jesters listed today, it's honestly so hard to pick just 6!
ialbert Just K Jewellery
Jessica Jotters London Fogg
polka dots and posies Lauras Little lovelies

As always if you click on the pic you'll be taken to the folksy listing for that item.
Trace x


NOfkantsCurios said...

Stunning choices yet again, I agree, it is so hard to choose items.

Love the floral cushion, my little girl would have it in a heartbeat!

Natalie s

TopCat76 said...

Thanks Natalie!
I always kind of randomly pick things that I like and am always amazed how nice they look together on the treasury!
Tracey x

Cosmocat said...

fab choices, i love the clock hands necklace

Laura x

Gemma said...

Yep v v v hard to pick favourites from so many wonderful listings.
Great choices