Saturday, July 17, 2010

The day a Supahero came to stay!

Well, who would have thought that a trans-Atlantic trip from Canada would take about 7 weeks?! Well, it did, but finally he arrived, my Hero!

I soon put him to work in the garden,

he helped me harvest some strawberries:

and then we checked the broadbeans for greenfly:

Then, well, he kind of got distracted by a ladybird:
Then another distraction came along....
She eventually gave in...
And they wandered off into the sunset together!!
This Supahero is now back home with it's creator Gina Rahman!

1 comment:

Kim Sonksen said...

tee hee - that is funny. I like them, they look like one fun couple and I hope we get to read more about their adventure together :)