Sunday, April 18, 2010

A non crafty post for a change!

Not too much crafty time this weekend for me. We had errands to run yesterday, that, as always, took longer than imagined. (Shoe shopping for the sprog, wine shopping for us,a Saturday Supermarket Deathwish and a mercy mission to drop off some dresses to my sister). Today Colin spent a good few hours emptying the pond of water and manky old liner... it's now filled with rubble from around the garden (I'm amazed at how many mini boulders and bits of concrete we had!), the plan is to fill it with soil next weekend then get it planted up. I cannot wait. Robyn loves to spend lots of time outdoors and the pond was such a hazard, but now it is gone.

I thought I'd share a few snaps of the spring flowers we're enjoying in our garden:

This is the view from my kitchen window.

On another non-crafty note, I finished reading the {Book Thief} this weekend. Seriously, amazing. I actually shed a few tears at the end. Anyone interested in WWII or just fancying a great read should definitely give it a try. I know it's a book I'll read again one day. For now though I'm going a bit less grown up.... I'm reading {George's Marvellous Medicine}. Look, just because I'm 33 years old does not mean I shouldn't read children's stories, especially when they're written by the Grand Master - {Roald Dahl}! There's also the added bonus of the {Quinten Blake} illustrations to boot. Oh, that reminds me, I must get a copy of Mr Magnolia has only 1 boot.....

Happy Sunday folks... stay tuned for news of my folksy store launch, coming soon!

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I loved the Book Thief. I really didn't think I would (not sure why), but it was fantastic. As for Roald Dahl stories, I am overdosed. I got my daughter the box set from the Book People for Christmas and we have been reading them since then!!! The Twits has been read twice! Just started the Witches, just hoping it doesn't cause nightmares!?!