Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Double dud!

Wow, where's the last week gone? Flown by in a blur I think! Easter was pretty mental here, lots of "popping out" to "just do this" and friends for lunch, then it was gone. We are finally finally getting a new kitchen, hurrah! Colin's parents were very kind and have helped us out, our kitchen was the original one put in the house when it was built, in 1992. It is falling apart, oh and it's white and grey, bleugh.

So, that was our Easter... I'm currently working on a new venture/adventure, a TopCat folksy store, YAY!! So watch this space. I'm working on lots of fun things for kiddies bedrooms (however, if you wish to buy them for yourself, I won't tell, promise!). There will be some sock toys of course, but also quilted yumminess, framed prettiness, funky fleece... oh I could go on and tell you all, but then I'd have to kill you!!! (Said in my best mock-James-Bond-villain voice!)

Seeing as I just can't post without a picture, I thought I'd share Robyn showing her latest party trick - the double dud! (She calls her dummy a dud, I don't know how/why but she does and who am I to argue?!)

Happy Wednesday folks, I know it's a bit grey out there but I've been assured that from tomorrow we should have lots of sunny weather, hurrah!!

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Dawn said...

Hey there Robyn Bobbin! You're looking as gorgeous as ever, and what a clever girl you are to double dud! LOL!