Friday, March 12, 2010

Creative Space...

....Thursday on a Friday! After a mad 3 weeks making sock toys in time for last weekend's market I'm on a different creative bent this week - I'm back to cutting squares of Ellie Fun by Karen Neuberger for Robyn's quilt. Now as this is my first ever quilt attempt, I'm taking my time and have set my deadline as Robyn's 2nd birthday in November! I have already taken an executive decision to cut the squares down as when I started I didn't have a ruler longer than 12 inches so some of the first squares I cut are less than square! Also, my pattern involves corners made up of triangular squares and I didn't factor in the loss of fabric in the seams of those so, ho hum, lessons learnt! I know (from what my mum has told me) that the more precise I am in my cutting stage the more enjoyable the sewing stage will be, so I'm taking my time and trimming all the squares down to size and am considering adding a border to my pattern too. I enjoyed planning out my pattern and colouring in 50-odd squares with coloured pencils, it felt like being back at school!

Have a fab weekend folks and to all the UK mummies reading this, Happy Mother's (Mothers' ?) Day!! Don't forget to mosey on down to Kirsty's for a nose at other creative places.

I hope that I don't get greeted with this mess on Mother's Day that's for sure!

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