Thursday, March 04, 2010

Creative Space Thursday

Is it really already Thursday again? I think the blue skies and sunshine have thrown me a bit this week!! That and I've been creating like there's no tomorrow to get ready for Sunday's market in Brentwood. I'm nervous and excited to see what kind of reception we get!

My creative space (the dining room table) has been taken over by Colin this week, but it's in a good cause (namely ME!!) so I don't mind! He's emptying his beer glass collection from one of his display cupboards from what was his study so that I can share (take over) the study with my crafting stuff, rather than have stash packed in boxes all over the place, hurrah!!!

So, my creative space has relocated to a spot on the kitchen side, which for once is bathed in sunshine! The sock creature is an almost finished dog, if I can clear this fuzzy headache I'll get him done in a jiffy.

Happy Thursday guys and wish me luck for Sunday won't you?! If you won't I'll make Robyn stick her tongue out at you!!!

Don't forget to pop on over to Kirsty's gaff for me creative spaces!


crzylady said...

yea! What a great venture :) Best of sales to you!

Monkeyloulou said...

Hiii!! Well you're certainly no smelly cat (far too much Friends in my life!), I've nominated you for a Sunshine Award!!


Oooooo. Just noticed you've got yourself a sunshine award. Here's another. Love seeing what you are up to. Link to to see what you need to do to accept x

Tweed Delights said...

Good luck with your fair :)! Lovely sock dog!