Monday, February 15, 2010

Frog - revisted

So I uhmed and aahed all weekend and decided to do different eyes for the frog. I was just not happy with how they turned out. As much as I try to avoid buttons as some people really don't like them on toys (which I totally understand, but I'm sure that not all my sock toys are destined for the under 3s!) I just wouldn't have been happy setting Mr Frog out on the stall as he was - he looked like he'd fallen foul/fowl (??) to a practical joke comprising boot polish and binoculars!!!

So here he is, revamped with white button eyes - I'm so much happier with him now!!

I've also made 2 more floppy fabric eared bunnies, I'm really pleased with these ladies, just got 3 cats, 2 owls and another frog to finish before I should think of starting any more new ones!!! I'm terrible like that, I'll start something off with complete gusto and prep 2 or 3, then burn out and have another idea and feel like I have to go with that instead. I think I also have a couple of sock elephants and maybe even a couple of sheep languishing about in different stages of incompleteness - oops! I think I may declare the next couple of days a "no new stuff zone" and work at getting these half-finished creatures: done (said in my best Gordon Ramsey voice!).

I shall report back here hopefully with some photographic evidence - wish me luck!


Gemma said...

so cute! and uch better with those new eyes :o)

Violet and Rose said...

Nice frog eyes. I LOVE your bunnies. Gorgeous colours. Perfect for Easter!

june at noon said...

Very cute. I really love the stripey bunnies.

Gallimaufry said...

Love your frog! Can't believe I've been missing out on these sock creatures all this time!

Monkeyloulou said...

Sock Bunnies!! *cue Friends music* "So no one told you life was..."

Sorry, got a bit over excited there! I love your creations! Love the Bunnies and the monkey above the most!