Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sock toys and Yoda!

I'm back to feeling the love for crafting, I took a break over Christmas and New Year, mainly due to burning out making so much for all the events we attended, but also due to a week suffering with noro virus, yuk!
Anyhoo - this is my first sock toy of 2010, thanks to my new machine it was a breeze to make compared to previous elephants, I even managed to easily quilt the ears!!!!

If you are friends with me on facebook you'll have already seen these pics of the Robster dressing up in my cardigan the other day. I thought I'd share them here too in case I happen to have any readers who aren't on FB, I'm always curious to know who reads this blog? I have a tracker that tells me a few people do drop by without commenting, I wonder who you are? Here by accident? Probably!!!!! Anyways, enjoy these pics!

Robyn: "Mum-mum, I think your cardigan looks better on me you know, look!"
Robyn: "Yoda I am, yessss!"
Me: "I don't think my cardigan makes you a Jedi Knight you know Miss!!"

Robyn-Yoda: "Where's my light saber?"
Me: "I think at 14 months you're a little young for weapons, sweetie!"
Robyn: "Oh well, I'll stun you all with my uber-cuteness then!"

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Dawn said...

I love reading about Robyn Bobbin, so I'm one of your stalkers - and I don't do FB anymore after a bit of a freaky thing happened.

Love all the sock toys!