Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What's hot and what's not...

I've been reading these posts from other blogs that I follow for a couple of weeks and finally just happen to be at the computer at the right time to join in!

So what's hot and what's not in the Chorley household this week...

Robyn gaining much more confidence in standing, I'm sure it won't be much longer before she's toddling around and causing more mayhem (if that's actually possible).

Planning birthday cakes for a one year old - 2 and a bit weeks and Robyn will hit that milestone - I'm planning on super large birthday cake size cupcakes!

Robyn making me guffaw with laughter on a regular basis, yesterday it was copying Goofy trying to moo like a cow, trust me it was funny.

Finally getting a new home for the fish we inherited, we'll be able to now fill in the pond and make the garden so much safer in the spring, can't wait!

Assembly line production of sock snowmen almost complete - I just have 3 more carrot noses to stitch hurrah!

Finally getting Florence and the Machine album downloaded... love love love it!

What's not:

Having to clean the oven, yak. It sets off the fire alarm every time we use it, so I've bitten the bullet and put some oven pride cleaner in, just need to scrape that out now.... in the words of Annie "tomorrow, tomorrow"

Finding a dried up piece of cat poo on the window sill ON THE INSIDE OF THE CONSERVATORY!!! I think it must have been stuck to Jack's bum... so not impressed by that.

The realisation that after 2 years of no-speciness I now have to wear my glasses again... boo hiss. I guess all the sewing of sock toys whilst watching tv of an evening has taken it's toll. Oh well, could be worse I suppose, at least I have the specs already and don't have to shell out for more.

Trying to figure out how to jazz up my blog a bit - I desperately want a new pretty banner, I just need to apply myself and find some quiet time to look into it I guess!

I guess I should be grateful that it took more brain effort to come up with a what's not list than a what's hot list....

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ta ta for now!
T xx


Betty Beatrix said...

about the feet, you are right! and, ahem, cute little snowmen! did you make those?

Stomper Girl said...

Cleaning the oven one of my least favourite jobs and like you I only do it when the smoke alarms FORCE me to. It's like wasted labour: no-one can tell if your oven is clean or dirty so why do it? (I'm all about the recognition for my drudgery, can you tell?)

Lilli boo said...

The lovliness of the 1st year milestone...such a special birthday to celebrate as is each one after that..enjoy the moments as you do...I really enjoyed your What's Hot!..Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting too! ;-)