Friday, May 01, 2009

Where does the time go??? Robyn is now 5 1/2 months old, crazy!!! She seems to be changing every day, to the point where Colin now thinks she looks more like me than him... I'll let you decide, here's some pics of my lil munchkin:

Slightly confused:

Very cute:

Watching tv (again!):
Funny face - check out her Pixie ear (on her right):

I need to practice a bit more with my portrait lens on the camera, but I'm getting there - have always wanted to get that blurry background effect! She's a great model though.
Robyn's favourite trick at the moment is rolling onto her tummy and then getting annoyed with herself as she can't get back onto her back! It's funny, except when she's continuously rolling when you're trying to change her nappy! She also thinks it's dead funny to blow raspberries with her dummy in her mouth to see how far she can get it to fly!! She keeps me very busy and very entertained, that's for sure!
Enjoy the long weekend folks, it's meant to be gorious weather, at least here in the south east, finger's crossed!!

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Dawn said...

She is STILL so cute! And I love her confused look!