Friday, July 11, 2008

Goodbye Scrap room

Well - it's finally happened.... my scrap room is all packed up and ready to be turned into a nursery! I'm actually really looking forward to having a more compact space as I think I'll be more organised now that I have just a desk and one set of shelves in Colin's (sorry, now OUR) study. I got carried away keeping things just to gather dust when I had a whole room to do it in!!

Once it's all properly organised in the new study I'll post some pics, and some before/ after for the nursey, I'm so excited about the plans we have for it!!
Have a great weekend folks!


KimmyS said...

Hey you guys will be just like us - having to share the one room to do your things - it works, trust me!

Looking forward to see the nursery in all its glory as well

Dawn said...

I bet it'll be a beautiful Nursery for your little pink smartie!