Friday, January 25, 2008

Cornwall pictures and tagging

Finally gotten round to uploading some more pictures from Cornwall. This slide show doesn't include any of the many I took in the Eden project - they're still to come folks!!

Oh and my Scrapitude pal {Kimmy} has tagged me - how exciting!! The tag is "What are you doing right now?" Well obviously I'm writing an entry in my blog, duh... Seriously though I'm in my most very favourite place right now, it's Friday night, I'm sat on the sofa with Colin next to me (watching WWE wrestling!), had chinese and a beer. No work for 2 whole days, yay! (It's been a mega busy week, very draining). I'm also getting really excited for next week as we get THE letters at work, the ones our bosses generally give us at 4.55 on a Friday and then they run... BONUS letters! I'm not normally so excited, but... promises have been made and hopes risen. As long as I get enough to get myself a new camera I'll be happy! I have a lovely weekend ahead of me, a friend is stopping by with her new baby in the morning, then I plan to make some cards and scrap scrap scrap baby!!!

I don't know of enough people who read this blog so if there are any of you out that want to tack up this tag, then please feel free!!


KimmyS said...

Oh man!!!!!! I LOVE those photos, you have such an eye for design. They are totall brilliant.

I keep my fngers crossed for next week for your bonus

Sandie said...

Gorgeous photos Trace! Good Luck with the bonus hun ;)