Thursday, August 30, 2007

Scrap your stash

I've got too much stash - there I admit it... that's the first step right? I mean compared to a lot of people I know (you all know who you are) I don't actually have that much stuff. But for me, I can't condone spending more money on stash when I have so much unused stuff.
So - I've taken on Kimmy's challenge - scrap your way through the alphabet!
A - American Crafts - check!
B - Basic Grey - check! (Removed for publication - how excited am I?)
I've decided I need to do 50 layouts before I can buy anything else - adhesives, inks, photos and 2jills kit this month (it is my Birthday in Sept so it would be silly not to!) are allowed, but that's it!

So - here's my 2 of 50:


Paula Sealey said...

Ooh, they're gorgeous Trace! Hmmm, 50 layouts, come on, how many do you think I need to do, lol! Where is this challenge, I think I need to join in!!

Eleni said...

What lovely layouts!!!! :D Ha, I think we all need stash dieting ... I'm TRYING to cut down ... just allowing myself one kit [and its addons LOL] a month now!!! :D