Sunday, August 19, 2007


I feel like I’ve been MIA for a while now, in more ways than one! I’ve been in a creative low for the last month or so, but I’m used to that, it happens, there’s always a cycle and I’ve learned not to fight it. I think it’s been brought on by a number of factors:
1) not having the time to scrap. I struggle with just finding 10 mins here or there. I like to settle down for a long stint – usually on the weekends or when I can have a couple of hours in the evening after work. July and August have been socially very busy for us, Weddings, friends children’s birthday parties, and a rush to get some final DIY jobs finished at home before the football seasons starts and I become a widow to Colin’s West Ham season ticket. (I honestly don’t mind that he goes to the football a lot, it gives me great scrapping time at home!).
2) I struggle with staying indoors when the weather is nice (that’s a big
when!) – I’ve spent a lot of time on my garden this year and have really tried to keep it looking nice and to spend time out there just enjoying it.
3) I went into scrapping overdrive during May and June and I think I just frazzled my mojo. It needed a rest. I’ve been reading a lot, discovering new creative blogs and forums, and just giving my mojo a little R&R.

I am pleased to say though that I think my mojo may be back!! I've just finished a double layout (that I can't share as it's for the Summer challenge on the Tude boards), and made loads of shrink plastic buttons! I think it helps that it feels most definitely like autumn today - it's grey, drizzley and chilly out. Perfect scrapping weather!

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Gigi said...

love the flowers!!! the pink doodling on them looks so cool!