Monday, April 09, 2007


This Easter weekend has been so manic!! I had Thursday off and it disappeared in a blur of housework and haircuts... Friday was Ground Force day!! Mum and Nan came over to help Colin and I dig over all the beds, weed and replant - a lot of hard work but so worth it! Saturday Colin and I went to a friends wedding, it was beautiful, I love weddings!! Yesterday (Sunday) was the only day off we had, we got home from the wedding at about midday and spent the afternoon watching tv, haven't done that in months!! We'd recorded my 2 favourite programmes from over the weekend - Ugly Betty and Dr Who. Today, well it's almost over too - still no real scrapping done, but we've finished off the gardening and Colin has cleaned the conservatory roof (it was a bit green!!). I have managed to finish off my layout for challenge 3 of the Scrapions league for the Tude boards, whilst watching Sound of Music..

I don't think I've ever thrown so much at one layout, and I've certainly never used so much yellow, but I'm really pleased with the result, will try something similar again soon I think.


Paula Sealey said...

Love the layout Trace, that felt is fabulous!

Glad you're back blogging!

Eleni said...

Beautiful layout Trace!!! I'll agree with Paula ... nice to see you back blogging! :D