Friday, August 18, 2006

Note to self... part 2

The groovesome gals at UKS have started a daily blogger prompt -such a cool idea as I'm often stumped for where to start! Today: "If you could go back to about the age of 14, when you're just entering your teenage years, what 3-5 pieces of advice would you give yourself? (Remember, this could/would have changed your life )" Wish I'd thought to write these things as journalling to Note to Self layout below... oh well!

When I was 14 one thing I remember teachers repeating over and over was, "If you don't do x,y,z we won't let you enter for your GCSE exams" Oh really?! I would love to be able to go back to school now, knowing how empty most of the threats teachers gave were. Not to create havoc, but to be able to enjoy the process of school more without the pressure of tyrannical teachers (aren't they the worst kind?!)

More significantly, I had a lot of problems with picking the right friends. I made some bad choices (girls I thought were my friends turned into my biggest enemies and bullied me for 2 straight years, teenage girls can be so mean). My advice to me at 14 here would be Go with your insticts when it comes to making friends, I've got it down to a fine art now!

Finally - be nicer to your immediate family, make more of an effort to spend time with them, to talk to them, to ask their advice and not feel embarrassed to do so. Your mum and sister will turn out to be your closest friends.

Thanks for the prompt Jane - might have to incorporate these into a layout somehow over the weekend! Now back to work, 1 hour and 46 minutes till the weekend!
Trace xx


Ann(i)e said...

Can't wait to check out the blog prompts...thanks for I just need to get to UKS and find them!!

Heather said...

Super blog prompt reply. I too made bad choices of friends, I like you knew better!

Suzie said...

Great advice! Can't wait to see the LO that goes with it.