Thursday, April 13, 2006

My CJ - Inspirations

I love this new BG paper, it's beautiful will have to stock up on some more I think! This is my first CJ and I've chosen INSPIRATION as my theme, I can't wait to see what the other 9 ladies come up with. I'm so impatient though and I can't believe I have to wait until Feb 2007 to get the finished product!!


SuzieG said...

Wow! Your CJ looks great! and love your blog too. Suzie xx

dedicatedtina said...

I really am impressed with your CJ. I am not sure mine will be as good


Holly said...

Oh how you will LOVE LOVE LOVE this project! The waiting is the hardest part, but SOOO worth it! I love your topic and hope it works well for your CJ group. Mostly, I'm SO glad to see you doing all this great stuff. YOU go inspired mama!!! YAY!