Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Creative Collage - Creative Fears challenge

I've today discovered
this blog and am taking up Kelly's "Face your Creative Fears" Challenge. I'm not sure what it is but I seem to be really into challenges at the moment, I think I like the direction they give me. I hope to completely fill the journal I'm working on and then know more about my style. We shall see. Here's my first entry for Week#1. "What are your Creative Fears?"
I love the new BG Urban Couture, but the colours on this pattern weren't what I wanted, so I took a picture of the part of the sheet that I liked and altered it in photoshop. It kind of reminds me of Basildon Bond writing paper pads.


kreativekell said...

It's great to have you along...you've taken the first step by writing your fears down, so you are on your way! (I love the new Basic Gray papers, too!!!)

Holly said...

I don't know that paper, but love the effect. I know what you mean about challenges....I think the biggest thing is that it gives you a reason to 1) just do it and 2) not feel attached to the topic cuz it wasn't your original idea 3) thereby freeing your mind to do the work! Good for you!