Sunday, April 02, 2006

Art journal - In bloom

In bloom... the poem "A Sudden Spring" was found in a book I've had for years and not looked at for almost as long! the drawing is a simple sketch of an almost "over ripe" tulip. I'm really enjoying this course, am very aware though that I have many more pages left than weeks, so will have to carry on and find my own prompts..

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Holly said...

Hi again. Not a stalker, just checking in and being supportive of your work! I too have a ton of pages left. I do work on my own - challenge myself to capture whatever it is I'm feeling. There are also a TON of journal prompt sites online (let me know if you want some - I'll hook you up) and there are other online challenges too (rhonna farrer comes to mind immediately). Whatever you do....don't give it up!