Sunday, March 26, 2006

My BOM challenge response

This is my response to Kirsty's Global BOM
challenge Have had great fun doing this, as much the scrapping process as the trying to take a self portrait this morning (realised it was best to put some mascara on first!!)

There's some journalling under the photo which reads:
What I am depends on who you are, to Colin I'm his lovely WIFE to my family I'm TRACE, aunty, sister, daughter. To my friends I'm good for a laugh, loyal and the trivia Queen - to some I'm their phone a friend if they ever get on THAT game show!

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Holly said...

This is fantastic! Good for you for doing it. I'll have to check out the challenge. I too am trying this self-portrait stuff and geez, it ain't pretty what comes back. When did I get all these freckles, wrinkles, etc. etc.???? Love your picture and the embellishments. Fun and very meaningful. YAY!