Monday, December 19, 2005

Day 18 - Dinner mmmmm

How funny - the day we get a prompt to write about Christmas Dinner plans is the day I venture forth into the Supermarket!! I had planned on an internet shop for my Christmas food but when I tried on Thursday 15th to book a delivery slot I couldn't get one until the 28th Dec!! Yikes... thankfully supermarket wasn't nearly as scary as I anticipated.
Journalling highlights that Colin and I will be having a semi traditional meal, I don't care for Turkey that much and he hates raisins so Chrimbo pudding is out! Cut the top off the box of stuffing to use as an embelly to meet today's artistic challenge! TFL x

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Jackie Hunter said...

Fab!! I'm coming for dinner!!

No really a Great entry, Thanks for Sharing
Jackie x